SEMESTER 2 – Study portion

Dear parents please refer to the websites if you need to revise on certain topics with your child.



This websites has all topics:

This website has addition subtraction multiplication and division















all measurement topics :


     Length and mass

  • Measure length in metres/centimetres
  • Measure mass in kilogrammes/ grammes
  • Comparing length/ mass


  • Measure volume in litres
  • Comparing volumes


  • Counting the amount of money in a given set of notes and coins
  • Solving word problems involving money



  • Writing time
  • Drawing hands on the clock to show time–ks1–lks2-6321352


  • Writing fractions
  • Addition and subtraction (same denominator) (addition and subtraction, word problems)



  • Understand and making pictograph (ONLY PICTOGRAPH)







3 Jan 2013 – Uploaded by MathDog Media

This is a basic fraction music video I created for the 2nd graders at my school. … My teacher …


Money – interactive games on money

Measurement (Volume) – click here for resources

1. Volume-2

2. volume

3. Volume

 Semester 2

This Semester we will be covering :



  • measure volume in litres
  • use of the appropriate measures and their abbreviations L
  • Solving word problems involving volume
  • Comparing volumes



  • Counting the amount of money in a given set of notes and coins
  • Reading and writing money in decimal notation
  • Comparing two or three amounts of money
  • Converting an amount of money in decimal notation to cents only and vice versa
  • Solving word problems involving money in dollars only ( or in cents only)



  • Use of ‘a.m’. and ‘p.m.’
  • Telling and writing time to 5 minutes
  • use of abbreviations hour and min.
  • drawing hands on the clock face to show time
  • duration of one hour/ half hour from an o’ clock time



  • Reading and writing fractions
  • Interpretation of fractions as part of a whole
  • Comparing and ordering
  • Addition and subtraction (same denominators)

Shape and space

  • Identify semicircles and quarter circles
  • Make shapes and copy figures
  • Form patterns
  • Identify and make straight lines and curves
  • Know and distinguish flat faces
  • Use solids to form figures
  • Identifying different 3D figures with concrete models


Data handling

  • Understand and make pictograph




Semester 1


Addition – digits regrouping – Digits regrouping 




Subtraction digits – digits regrouping –


Multiplication Multiplication game – – – all – – –


X2 –




X4 –


X5 –


X 10 –


X 11-

Division Division – – – – –
Measurement Measurement ( reading scale, and weight) – centimetre and inches
Mixed equation
Place value advance place value value – value – value –




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