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Time Machine Crew 

February 2015 

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Short + Sweet Dance Workshop  (April 2014)

Dance Instructor: Lex Lakshman


Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC)



 Warm up (contemporary style)

Activity 1 – Simple choreography 

We did a 4 minutes choreography with 8 counts, continued with more 8 counts and repeated from the top.

Then we dance using two kinds of music.

Activity 2 – Face choreography 


1. Each one of us make a 4 count step. Standing in a circle we learn all the different moves from each one. After which, we will all repeat the steps by looking at the persons face from the first person in the circle.

TIPS : When you’re doing the steps using different faces, you can also alter and modify the steps that you would want to put in the middle, or the start or the end of the chore depending on the steps that come after another. From here, you will be able to remember steps by looking at your ‘different faces’.


Activity 3 – Strategy of choreography

IMG_0046 IMG_0043

                     SET A                                    Shuffle                    semicircle                 collapse

               4      counts                 (step LEFT side, side clap)

              4       counts                (step RIGHT side, side, clap)

               4     counts                        (front, front , clap)

               4     counts                        (back, back, clap)

 TIPS: Got to be smart in using different strategy when you’re planning to do a show for a long period of time.

TIPS: This is to avoid to many steps and to strain dancers especially the young ones.

 Activity 4 – LOVE 

Use different kind of poses of love (in the context of love)


A dance routine with :

  • travel using different levels
  • choreo (steps with 8 counts)
  • pose
  • travel
  • choreo (steps with 8 counts)


Lastly, In groups we were asked to make a dance using steps, pose, travel to tell a story of “anything”.

What happens in the beginning, middle and the end.

TIPS: change the flow and fit it well with the music.


image_1 image_2





9 Days 3 Ways Dance Workshop (March 2014)

(update from day 1- day 8) 


Rehearsals: Day 8


DAY 6/7

All workshops focused on choreography

1. Warm up

breathe in and out
fold over
arch back – get into this through push up seal (arms turn out)
downward dog
arch back
stand up
2. Massage one another




Head/ face

3. Different stations

Scissors knees
High knees
Dress Rehearsal Butoh

1743555_10152287147046462_427584084_n   DSC07659

10:00-13:00 Soon

1. Warm up

Eyes on :

– neck

– hand

– butt

– legs

– whole body

– rolling as if reaching for best friend

– toe heel, toe heel

– kicking, feet forward, feet side, feet backward (together)

– ¼ kicks

– ½ kicks

– alternate ½½¼¼

– created our own walk

2. Mask making

Secret smile
Old man
Added walks across the space for the different masks

Paired work: 2 masks, group choreography


Love, Hope, Grief
The day I died
Death attach
Visual stimuli
Group 1

Group 2

3. Visual Stimuli

4. Poses

Looked at everyones poses and copied

THANK YOU – Ots carry sama desu ka

14:00-17:00 Young Sean

1. Stretching

Pull leg across body


Dance with the space
Dance with the music
Dance with the eyes
Dancers on the stage
Different levels
Options to go out
Using different directions
Together as a whole group
With an audience ( 2 groups)
2. Sitting in a circle communicating only with noises and sounds

Went around the circle
Then we added movements
Added choreography
18:00-21:00 Izzard

Supporting Weight 🙂

10:00-13:00 Soon

1. Walking (same as day 1) with different meanings

Center = away vice versa

Jump (silently)= fall vice versa


2. Relationships (relationships on stage)

Based on that: In groups show

a) I am all alone

b) Tribes fighting

c) We stand united

d) Theres hope

3. Lines and Curves

v. Straight lines and angles

v. Curves – added into group improvisation

v. People in the centre at one time come out, look, move back in.

4. Shapes of:

Fork and spoon
Ugly bird in a cage
5. Composition

Love Abstract – Shpes & curves
Hope Emotional – Hope
Grief Literal – Death
Water, hurricane, death, follow the leaders movement choreography, heartbeat, sculpting one another.


14:00-17:00 Young Sean

1. Running and Stretching

Rocking weight side to side
Figure of 8
Stretched hip
Massage feet
Calf muscle
Sit down stretch

2. Full dance

Eye contact
People on stage
Gave cues

Copy another person
get close to each other
(form/show relationships without saying)

3. Choreography

Make a sentence and don’t tell anyone , its your only secret

It has to be 3 sentences.

(Suitable for G11 About Me)

We sat in a circle and had to show the movements.

Repeated the movements.

10 minutes to modify and make more bigger on our movements including some techniques that was taught.

Young Sean then gave individual feedback

Modifications made

We did altogether

* Song = Ajos Asi Shakira (running & jumping)

18:00-21:00 Izzard

1. Walking with kicks

attacking with a sound
both mixed with a partner
2. Technique

weight in the centre and moving the feet around

LIZARD – Lizard staionary optional moving lizard

3. Vocal lesson – Moon

AR – tilt head upwards = lower

tilt head downwards = higher

Breathing in through nose and out through the mouth.

Thinking about the body when it happens.

Tried to do it together

VIBRATOR – rather than forcing natural .

4. Gestures

Gestures that you would associate with smartly dressed business people.

Walk around the space – when he clapped it showed the 3 gestures.
Someone had to initiate it with a cue.
Only two people to complete the gestures while the others stay still. (funny)
Then go and LEARN 3 other gestures but it must be the same number.

In a line 2X3 walk to the middle 2 people show gestures when others are still.

– box step

– box step with music

Day 3: Izzard

1. Walking around two different types

Eg: Monday morning

Sunday afternoon

2. Walking at 3 different cues

a) 1 = Normal

2 = Suspended

3 = Walk with your mind

b) With a clap as the cue

c) Sitting down as a cue

3. Partner work (Ice-breaker activity) ‘PLAY’

A touches B

B tries to touch A


Serious = physical touch moving around more using dance
Using the feet
Exploring the floor
Music with the tamborine
5. Bridge with 4 stages

Progressively lower

Don’t really use 4 different levels as you are not using your muscles as much.


O >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



Kong – Hand, hand, foot, foot, like a monkey

Bunny hop – Hands, feet, hands, feet

6. Repeated activity with music

Ensemble work

Using a Zigzag pathway

Z 2 X 8, 1 X 8, 2 X 8 , 1 X 8

Then the ensemble had the opportunity to modify the choreography according to the concept ‘Urban city life’




1X8 (2 stay behind)

1X8 (group 1)

2X8 (altogther changing directions)

1X8 (zombie/floppy)

– focus and no connection with anything (distortion)


Day 2: Liu Yong Sean

Full Dance

1. Warm Up

Running around the space like a car

Make sure that the next person waits to get in the energy before running.

Single and paired 8 shape U Shape with a pair (Complete all on the opposite side).

2. Music – not just focused on one beat mix it up

Whole body (backwards)
3. Styles – not just focused on one mix it up

Don’t want you to be predictable
Break the rules
Surprise yourself
4. Music with different cues

Space (different to explore)
Full body
5. Circle work

One person goes into the circle and explores the space. Most people will just go in the middle – WE DON’T WANT THAT!

Be clear who is going in
Be clear when moving out
6. Listen to the beat

8 Count 1 2


4 Count O O O O


2 Count


1 Count


Arriving at the studio

Workshop building

Background informationEntrance to the workshop 🙂

The Team 🙂

Starting classes 🙂

Day 1: Soon

Physical Performance Skills
Warm up: cleaning the floor using towel five minutes before class.

1. Energy

• Walking around shouting different cues : centre, away, fall, nose to nose
• Holding a pose on toes raising the levels: dynamic stillness

2. Focus

(3 people) B, C, A (in a triangular formation)

A copies B’s movements and C asks questions

• Mirroring
• Eye focus
• Physical awareness (are you fully aware of your body?)
• Mental focus (clear your mind and think of nothing else)

3. Physical Awareness

• Buddy up (someone new – male and female or use birth dates or someone how have the same interest)
• Standing in a relaxed position moving in different directions
(eg: front, back, left & right)
• Partners or buddy checking their body posture, focus and giving them feedback after activity then swap.

4. Group Performance

Groups of 4/5 (lights up)
2 up and 2 down/ 3 up and 2 down
i I i I , i i I I I
(No talking) – Then repeat with eyes closed
Ensemble community

No I but we work on T-R-U-S-T!

* Performing in front of an audience is similar to Usain Bolt at the beginning of a race in the olympics.

Part 2 Butoh Dance

Butoh: no set definition for the style non- naturalistic moves

Warm up : Using eye focus in lines

• Elbow
• Knees
• Forehead

1. Omni

Separation of the body


2. Different Imagery

Rather than using or aksing students to act like an “old man” Soon gave different real life elements such as water, grass between toes, honey, mud, feathers, washing machine, rapunzel hair.

3. Partner work

• The leader holds up their finger and the the other person follows the direction of the finger through different levels and type of movements.

• The follower then performs imagining the finger is finger is there while the leader walks away and let them by themselves.

• Switch roles

4. Expression

In a line 4/5
Every step built up the emotion – non naturalistic , over exert face

(anger, joy, etc .. )

5. Contact Improvisation with a Partner

X X Sat back to back

• Feel the connection between the two
• Rotate in a circle changing partners

6. Dancing Inside Out and Outside In

Back task – Beauty of the back

We performed in a looked beautiful when peer assessing imagery

7. Butoh Scenarios Performing in Partners.

• Opposite to Ballet
• Butoh Grotesque vs Beauty Groundedness, courage honesty and pure expression
• Celebration of Human Body

8. Group Choreography

3 scenes eyes up/ eyes down

• Scene back
• Scene omni
• Scene emotion

Practice 1

Practice 2

Part 3 Artist Sharing

Artist names:

Soonufat Supramaniam (Butoh)
Liu Young Sean (FULL Dance) *MOA – Korea Music
Izzard Padzil (Contemporary)
‘Every first act of creation is an act of destruction’

‘Art is not just about me it is about the community’

How can we promote arts in Malaysia?

• PA wanted to do drama had no options here and had to take dance
• People think they know about dance because they are knowledgable in one style. Not the case in order to be all rounder.
• Was important for them to be open-minded
• Always ready to learn
• Kinaesthetic learners
• The journey of 1000 faces
• Journey – active work – don’t stop learning
• Always be honest in what you are doing
• Try something new

Workshop Talk

Space Time & Place – Consistently referred to IB CONCEPT

So relevant to dance
You have to be passionate.

Artist isnt an artist, you have to do something else

Merce Cunningham – the only way to do is to just do it.






YES ACADEMY – HIP HOP Dance Workshop  (June 2012)

  Step up 2 choreographer (Cricket)

    World top US dance group (Havikoro – Mario)

   US Dance choreographer (Chris)

Dance genres :

  • Locking
  • House
  • B-boy
  • Hip Hop



PenangPac Stage 2 – Pre-show

show day final pose


Crickets' solo performance

Crickets’ solo performance

our audience at Streets Quay, Penang

our audience at Streets Quay, Penang

the US

the US


after show

after show

With cricket and Mario and the team

With cricket and Mario and the team

while waiting for the van in ryokan hotel

while waiting for the van in ryokan hotel

Where we live with sponsor from YES Academy (Ryokan Hostel)

Where we live with sponsor from YES Academy (Ryokan Hostel)

dance studio during practice

dance studio during practice

Group performance

Group performance

Stage in Streets Quay

Stage in Streets Quay

The crew

MC , John Ferguson (Director), Prince, Mario, Cricket, and Chris





behind the stage

behind the stage

solo piece from Cricket

solo piece from Cricket


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