CIDTL Session 1 


Teachers will never stop learning, my school gave me the opportunity to attend a programme Cambridge International Diploma in Teaching and learning (CIDTL). This is apart of the teachers professional development where we attend a formal training from well experienced teachers or educators sharing with us information on teaching and learning that covers many areas. Our session’s objective was: To be an efficient and affective Fairview International School teachers. We had a wonderful speaker Mr. Gopi , together with him Ms. Elaine, Ms. Tee, Ms. Val assisting the session.

This session started with a Human graph activity where all of us were told to form a circle by ranging ourselves on the number of experience we had in teaching. This is to help others and myself to identify whom I can seek for help if I need help. This activity then was tried in my class this week when I asked them how much they know about the topic ” Parts and Functions of Plants”, and of course it helped myself as a teacher to know how much my students knew about the particular topic. Students were given three different  hand gestures that will indicate their range of understanding. From here,  I could change my strategy by grouping them up according to their abilities.

IMG_7325 IMG_7326

On top of that, our second part of the session , we watched a video from the movie Dead Poets Society and one statement that inspired me was: words and ideas can change the world and one of the scene showed us how we can look at things at different ways, where the teacher asked the students to stand on the table and look at things around. I believed my student are getting to the stage of changing the way they think as my recycling idea is getting better than what I expected them to do. Their habits has inspired their parents and they have started doing it at their own home.

20140925_15015320140925_165746Emir making a plane out of a box



Moving on to the crucial part of the session. teaching and learning cycle. It allowed me to know that formative assessment, learning styles are important to meet the need of students. At the end of this session we showed what we learned using different abilities such as (music, dance, writing, art, role play and etc.) where a differentiated activity took place which i am trying to implement in my class. On top of that, three learning domains were also noted – cognitive, affective and psychomotor, which I want to learn more about as I wasn’t that clear about it.


We also had a short audio clip that had different perspectives of secondary school teachers on the question “What Makes a Good Teacher?”. I always believe that learning and improving can make you a better teacher, as a teacher we never stop learning! The most important areas that I think teachers should have: classroom management, adapting to changes, being organised, new ideas and information, allowing students to think beyond and applying outside and of course positive relationship with students, parents and teachers.

Overall, it was definitely a useful session for me and I’m looking forward to the next session!



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