Globalisation in Education

This week CPD was about globalisation in Education. This session was more or less related to the third culture kid. We started of by writing word splash based on the word globalisation and we watched a video of the challenges that children or even teachers are going through by this factor. I believe that in this century we are so much exposed to the world and we see majority students are not only from one race but a mix of two or more races. Due to many reasonable factors among them are: family commitment, work ,health, money or even safety.
In regards to this, we have many students who have been affected emotionally as it is quite a challenging process to go through at a very starting stage of their lives. I learnt that there are many advantages and disadvantages of globalization of education to students. students will benefit in multicultural exposure, good collaboration in terms of ideas, information and opinions from different parts of the world and being an open minded individual. On the other hand, students will encounter difficulties of adapting themselves to a new culture, trying to fit into to the different environment, confusion and conflict even sometimes they may forget where they come from. This session has helped me to come out with strategies to overcome this situation as a teacher, and I believe that I can be supportive in terms of emotions to move them forward as they go through many new and different challenges.

CPD 2 – 14/15


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