We started with the ice breaking activity where a teacher will be given compliments by others. It has to be any type of compliment and after the first round they were asked whether it was original, meaningful, appropriate and proven. Some gave constructive comments of the particular teacher, however some of them gave an unclear statement that wasn’t clear or strong enough. Well, it was a clear message for me to know that, its better to know what we will be assessed to ensure that we can achieve better.

Then we continued by watching a video of a child explaining what do they know and want to know more about assessment which gives me a reminder of what I should include in assessment. After watching it, we were grouped into two groups (teacher & student) and wrote a list of what would a teacher and student expect in an assessment.

Then finally, each group recieved a Central idea with the lines inquiry and we were asked to create an assessment which will follow the criteria that teacher and students wants it to be like. Therefore, we came up with a good assessment where it excites students, gives them enough time, different choices that related to the MI and it has all the lines of inquiry.

An assessment should be carried out throughout the unit and at the end of the unit. An ongoing will be formative and the final assessment is where summative comes in. Here is where we assess on what they have learned and test their understanding from the unit. We should also come up with a proper rubric that allow students to understand what they need to achieve.

CPD 1 – 14/15


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