Silly and simple – Being a lazy teacher

This week CPD, we had a session on a book ‘ The Lazy teacher Handbook’ by Jim Smith. There were few ideas which was shared from the handbook, where student learn more while teachers teach less.

It is true that teachers have their own way of teaching and prefer certain methods. It is also true that some teachers take up a longer time  to complete the similar task. Based on this session, it was corroborated that the ideas of allowing students to take in charge of the classroom while teacher plays a small role was quite intelligent.

Among the strategies shared, I thought the most relevant for my class age group was:  Think- Pair- Share- Square where students actually share their informations among their group members and after which they will need to double up the group and share that particular topic that they discussed about. This will be a good way to start and inquiry since students take some time to understand the central idea. From here they will be able to conflict ideas, views and at the same time gain more input. On the other hand, knowing that my students would enjoy the method of playing a recorded voice of my own on their daily routine would also be something different. Preferably to do this at the beginning of the new semester since the students are very new to the essential agreements and daily routine.

Since we have the advance of using the technologies, I think it would be a good idea to take advantage on using it as a tool to reduce our burden or extra work in completing certain tasks. From this session, I believe that students can also be involved in the teaching process and it would be a different and new approach that can allow students to engage actively during lessons.

It can be silly, it can be simple but they learn?



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