This CPD, we had an external speaker to share about art and dance therapy. I learned this before while I was doing research paper in my second year of Uni, however there were still more informations that I gained from this session. Art therapy is basically a use of art to channel self expression, using psycho approaches to deal with social, cognitive and physical challenges for any type of people. I believe that it does benefit most of the students as they will be able to express their emotions through any type of art. They will be able to be free and comfortable to share their feelings by projecting their anger, fears, wishes and dreams onto their artwork rather than acting out in daily life. One of the activity that we tried was to draw out a picture of any types of food, then we stood up to share with out partners about our pictures by just showing physical movement. It was a good tool to reflect on our partner’s emotions through the different drawing and colours used.

In continuos to the session, we had dance or movement therapy sharing. This was almost similar to the art therapy but movement therapy requires body movement to express themselves and to feel connected. It definitely benefits children in developing their thinking skills and communication skills, building their self-confidence and are aware of their own body. A few suggestions that were given by the speaker to do in our classes:


  • Play dance supports physical exploration and muscle control
  • Role playing
  • Allow children to hear other people point of views and give feedbacks
  • Have children recognize and support all the things that happen to them


As a final session we had a session with our special needs teacher, where she shared about the:

Brain gym


  1. A sip of water
  2. Press the brain button (below the neck bone)
  3. Cross crawl (knee –front or back)
  4. Hook up hand with crossed leg
  5. Energy ball
  6. Massage ears
  7. Draw on a friends back
  8. Drawing the lazy 8 using thumb


Eye massage

  1. Look upper right, lower left (repeat 20x)
  2. Look upper left, lower right (repeat 20x)


  1. Look up slowly right bottom – Its like rolling your eyes.


Picture with different colour fonts to test their brain and say out the colours correctly.

It’s an interesting session where I have learned about different therapy that can be used in my class to improve my understanding towards students self expressions.


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