Inquiry through browsing and viewing

In CPD today we had a sharing about using pictured to aid inquiry. The first activity was a tuning in activity where we were given variety of pictures and we have to write down what can we see from there. Then we shared the things that we can see and from there the instructor will correct us with the hidden things that wasn’t obvious. It basically tells us to use pictures in order for students to think and observe deeper. 

Then we had a look at different ways of using cards and codes that can be used in order for students to look for pictures that can be suitable to be used in ICT lessons. 

The most interesting part was were we got the share and have aloof at different books with interesting images from the inquiry pack that the school have prepared. This was used in many ways as it has many interesting illustrations and images that may excite students to be more engaged in the inquiry lessons. 

From this session, I think i will be able to use some of the suggestions by allowing my students to use the inquiry box and with pictures that can enhance their thinking skills for them to inquire more questions in the tuning in phase. 



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